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"Ka sail European tour 2009"

Ka sail European tour


Summer: month of summer holidays for the french students but month of competitions and trip for Jocelyn De Souza , our Ka rider of 17 years old.

Try to follow him around Europ….


“First week of july. Formula Experience  French championship under 21 La Rochelle France. Really close to my home (10km) so not too long trip !

I can’t use my Ka sail Karace because the rules are: sail max 11m with 7 battens and 3 cam max and my biggest Koncept is 8,5m, a little bit small in Formula. But I bring it to the measurement with an other sail of 10m; a small sail is better than nothing !

 And some hours after I brake my mast just before the first races of the day. Damned, not enough time to rig off  and rig again with my second mast; It’s windy (around 15-18knotts)…. I take the Koncept. I know that, for the first ranking, the championship is finished for me but I can go on the water on time. 3 races after with the 8,5m against the others10 and 11m and, not so bad, I’m six when I come back ashore. I’ll finish this championship 6 too.



Ten days and 1800km to go Poland with the family camper. Some touristic visits, cards games, books reading and sleeping rest and we are in Pobierowo Poland for the Eurochallenger Formula Windsurfing. and National championship of Poland, 56 riders from Europ and world

Between storm and sun we did 11 races and I used 9,8m and 10,7m Karace but my Koncept 8,5m again. Special day more than 25 knots, my father with the Kaos 4,7m and the wave board a day of Koncept 8,5m on the Formula board !!

My result: good to begin I’m 25 scratch and 5th youth; I expected the podium youth until the last race but I took risks and the 9,8m in 25 knots to get it but I crashed in the water, next time….!

Winner: Steeve Allen



One day of rest , one of training and speed test near the resort beach of Miehlo with my friend Robert Pol700



200 km east more and we are in Leba Poland for the Allegro cup Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix .

The greatest Formula Windsurfing event in Europ. Something like a beach party with 105 others competitors under the eyes of some thousands beach people. And if you lost an action the polish TV is here.

My aim here: the gold, the gold fleet! 50% I have to be inside. He should be hard but possible!

And the first day of race day I’m 44, after 2 days of races I’m…..52, YES I’m inside!!! No time to celebrate it because in the night I fall ill, ”polish tourista”

In the morning I went on the beach to rig but impossible to go on the water, no more legs, no more arms, directly to the bed.

No wind the last day: 51 scratch and 5th youth. You know: Formula windsurfing is a sport with big fin and at the end Steeve Allen is winning again !!!



Go to the far east, 200km to Sopot Poland Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix and European Championship


The road during the night and we meet again the Formula Windsurfing circus with the brasilian acrobats (8 boards on the top of the car since Berlin), the fins makers and dealers (ZZfins, VMG)….and one Ka sail , mine!

A little bit less persons but higher level, not a good news for me !

The wind is light on a very choppy water spot, that I hate the most ! No wind the last 2 days

My result? 58 and 7th youth. At the end of the championship I did some shoping and I think I got the right fin to fight in light conditions now: some speed test behind Gonzalo Costa and his team confirm it to me. I will be better next time.




Now Formula Windsurfing is finished, back to the west to the European slalom youth championship Kiel Schonberg Germany

Green Germany, and strong off shore wind, difficult to choose the good sail before to go on the water and more difficult when the comity boat told about wind from 13 to 29 knotts !!!! I was fast with the Ka Koncept 7,5m and 105liters  but realy overpowered with the 8,5m and 125 liters but I took this one most of time!! I didn’t want to take the risk not to be qualified after first course but it wasn’t the best way to be in front after ! So I did a “survival regatta”, not satisfied: 15ème.



Go down to Calais France and the ferry-boat to Dover Great Britain. The Goal: Sailing Academy Weymouth Great Britain where is the speed week in October, where will be the Olympic game in 2012 but where my sister participates to the World championship Bic Techno under 17. For me a good training week on speed conditions. Today, it’s my birthday I’m 17 years and my gift is a big day up to 53 knotts of wind! Ka Koncept 5,8m and 105 litres (too big !): 35,83 knots on my GPS. Not so bad for a first speed time and with a “big” board. Now I want to do it again with a real speed board !!

Before to leave, I bought a local windsurf magazine: Boards and I saw  my face with the Karace on a Ka sail adverting , funny!



Back to north of France to the final of the French Pro-am Waves and slalom senior championship. Wimereux France The forecast are good and heavy !

Oh! we are 2 of September and I have to be at school, but my parents allowed me 2 last days of holidays to finish the competitions , thank’s !

A great day of waves competition in Wissant, mast high, strong current and 35 knots. I have only 4,2 Kaos, it’s big. I fall down on the first round but proud to be on the water and alive!! I finished 31

4 days of slalom, some semi-finals in sports conditions; I finished 22 with my Koncepts. I got faster, I’m really close to the top riders. but I have to learn and work more but I can expect !


But now, It’s serious, back to the college to win  the possibility to get an other trip next summer

See you on the road


Jocelyn Ka rider