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Février de cette année là......

Publié le par Jocelyn De Souza FRA 873

Le mois prochain les Loftsails racing blade 2014 seront à la maison, hâte!

En attendant: à lire la présentation des voiles par Monty Spindler le designer emblématique de Loftsails:


J’aime · il y a environ une heure 

Monty on the new RacingBlade 2014: The year of development for the 2014 Blades began well with the feedback that Gonzalo Costa Hovel brought into the team. Gonzalo stepped easily into gear with our 2013 Racing Blade designs, his results this year are a clear indication of this. We worked to expand the straight line top speed without compromising the acceleration, pumpability and low end characteristic of the 2013s.

Gonzalos feedback resulted in the re-distribution of battens, new luff curves and new body-shaping curves. These updates work together, creating profiles that are efficiently forward-oriented and stable. This works to push up Racing Blade 2014 topspeed, while the lungs from 2013 remain.

The Racing Blade 2014 is totally new, I look forward to the 2014 racing season!

http://www.loftsails.com/ 2013/produits/blade/

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